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三、方法指导 短文填空不仅考查学生对短文的阅读理解能力,又考查学生对词汇知识的综合运用能力。那么怎样完成《短文填空》题呢? 步骤一:把方框中的词汇归类 在做此题时不要急于阅读而是按照词类将其归类为:(1)动词,(2)名词,(3)形容...

so seats on young do doesn't But he again to

73. give 74. full 75. find 76. difficult 77. 78. advice 79. easy

Yesterday, the weather was good, cloudless. My father and I went to the military are playing Ski Resort. We wear gloves, hats, armed to come to the ski slopes. Ski resort built on a hillside, looking ahead, the white snow every...

71.help 72.safe 73.of 74.ways 75. cities 76.out 77 . roads 78.come 79. in 80.a

1. Thirty years ago, I walked into your bakery and asked for some loaves(条) of bread to sell. At that time, I was 12 years old. A young lady s 71 me that day. She gave me five loaves and wished me good l 72 . I took the loaves...

71 hospital 72 took 73 in 74 the 75 nurse 76 And 77 found 78 old 79 that 80 by

1,say.2,mother.3,detiled.4,populer.5,and.6,this.7,diffent.8,things. 9,lovely.10,too.

Ⅰ、Read and find (找出下面单词中意思不同类的一个,把它的序号写到前面的括号里。)(10%) ( ) 1. A. Tuesday B. Saturday C. village ( ) 2. A. bathroom B. kitchen C. closet ( ) 3. A. end table B. computer C. shelf ( ) 4. A. sweet B....


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